YouTube Vanced

Download YouTube Vanced for Android

YouTube Vanced is a changed version of the original YouTube app for Android phones. It has some extra features that the normal YouTube app does not have.

Name YouTube Vanced
Version 18.32.39
Developer Vanced Team
Size 94 MB
Requirements Android 5.0 or higher
Last updated September 4, 2023

How to Install YouTube Vanced App for Android?

    Here are the simple steps to install YouTube Vanced on your Android device:

 Step 1

 You need to download and install three apk files to install YouTube Vanced:

 Step 2

  • Go to the Vanced website and download Vanced Manager APK
  • This is the app you will use to install Vanced. Open the Vanced Manager app
  • Select YouTube from the apps list and choose which Vanced version you want – Vanced or MicroG.

 Step 3

  • Click install
  • The selected YouTube Vanced APK will now start downloading.

 Step 4

  • Once the download is complete, you will see the install button
  • Click on it to install YouTube Vanced.

 Step 5

  • The Vanced Manager app will now optimize and patch YouTube Vanced as per your device
  • Wait for this process to complete.

 Step 6

  • You will now see the YouTube Vanced icon on your home screen
  • The app is ready to use! That’s it! The installation process is quick and easy
  • You now have the ad-free YouTube experience with YouTube Vanced installed on your device.

Additional feature of YouTube Vanced


Vanced enables PiP mode so you can watch videos in a small floating window while using other apps.

youtube-vancedBackground Play

YouTube Vanced lets you minimize and play videos in the background. You can now multitask while listening to music.

youtube-vancedVideo Downloads

Easily download videos in different resolutions up to 4K. Downloads can be watched offline.

Theme Customization

Change the look of the app as per your preference with available dark, black and other themes.

youtube-vancedVideo Controls 

Added playback speed controls and option to loop videos. Useful for music tracks or learning videos.


Automatically skip in-video sponsor segments and intros in videos. Saves a lot of time.

Cast to TV 

Seamlessly cast and control YouTube Vanced on TV with Google Cast feature.

youtube-vancedReturn YouTube Dislike

This brings back the number of dislikes on YouTube videos. YouTube officially removed dislike counts, but Vanced can restore it.

These handy additions make YouTube Vanced a must have modded YouTube app for any Android user looking for ad-free and uninterrupted video watching!


While modifying any app to block ads raises some ethical concerns, YouTube Vanced itself is not illegal to use as it doesn’t directly steal any content. However, it is recommended you support creators via other means.

No, YouTube Vanced is optimized to provide similar battery performance as the original YouTube app. Blocking ads also helps reduce battery drain.

Yes, YouTube Vanced supports logging in to your personal YouTube account to access subscriptions, history, playlists and other account features.

When logged into your account, your Vanced watch history gets synced to YouTube. This allows seamless switching between the apps.