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Download YouTube Vanced MicroG

Vanced MicroG has become hugely popular as a modded ad-free YouTube app for Android. While standard Vanced works great, Vanced MicroG offers a lighter and more optimized experience.

Vanced MicroG is a specialized variant that provides all core Vanced features while taking up less space and using fewer system resources. This guide will cover all you need to know about installing and using YouTube Vanced MicroG.

Version Information:

App Name Vanced MicroG
Version v0.2.27
Size 14 MB
Last Update Sep 04, 2023
Developer Team Vanced MicroG

What is Vanced MicroG APK?

Vanced MicroG is a lightweight version of the YouTube Vanced app, optimized to improve performance. The “MicroG” name comes from microG – an open source project that recreates Google services.The main difference versus standard Vanced is that MicroG variant does not include any Google services or libraries. This allows faster loading times and lower storage space requirements.

How to Install Vanced MicroG?

Here is a step-by-step guide explaining how to install Vanced MicroG:

Step 1 – Download Vanced Manager

  • Go to site and download the Vanced Manager APK file
  • This app lets you easily install and manage Vanced MicroG

Vanced Manager

  • Open the downloaded Vanced Manager APK file and tap Install
  • Accept all the permissions it requests
  • Vanced Manager will now be installed on your device
  • Open it from the app drawer.

Step 3 – Select Vanced MicroG

  • In Vanced Manager, tap on YouTube from the list of Vanced apps
  • This will open the YouTube Vanced installation options
  • Under Variant, select the option for Vanced MicroG
  • This ensures you install the lightweight version.

Step 4 – Install Vanced MicroG

  • With Vanced MicroG selected, tap on the Install button
  • Vanced Manager will now begin downloading and installing the latest YouTube Vanced MicroG APK on your device.

Step 5 – Open Vanced MicroG

  • Once installed, you will find the YouTube Vanced MicroG app icon in your phone’s app drawer
  • Tap to open it
  • Allow all requested permissions and optionally sign in to your Google account when prompted.

That’s it! YouTube Vanced MicroG is now ready to use on your Android device. Enjoy the lightweight ad-free experience!


Vanced MicroG provides the most lightweight and optimized way to enjoy ad-free YouTube. With faster loading, smoother playback, and decreased battery usage – it’s ideal for lower-end devices. Install it using the Vanced Manager and experience YouTube Vanced at its best!


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