Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 – The Latest Ad-Free YouTube Experience

Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 has become one of the most popular modified versions of the YouTube app, allowing users to enjoy an ad-free viewing experience and extra features not found in the stock YouTube app. The latest version, Youtube Vanced 18.32.39, brings some nice improvements while still providing the core benefit of blocking video ads.

What is Youtube Vanced?

Youtube Vanced is a modified version of the YouTube app for Android that blocks all video advertisements, allows background play, and provides other enhancements. Developed by a community of developers, Vanced has become popular among Android users who want a cleaner ad-free YouTube experience.

The Vanced team takes the official YouTube APK, modifies it by removing ads, and adds some extra features. The app looks very similar to the regular YouTube app, just without any annoying ads interrupting your videos.

Key Features of Youtube Vanced

Here are some of the handy features Vanced provides over the regular YouTube app:

  • No Video Ads – The core benefit of Vanced is blocking all video ads, so you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing.
  • Background Play – Videos can play even with the screen off, allowing you to listen to music or podcasts like a standard audio player app.
  • Picture-in-Picture – You can minimize videos to a small floating window and multitask with other apps.
  • Dark Theme – Makes the entire app dark for comfortable night viewing.
  • Video Resume – Automatically resumes videos from where you left off after closing the app.
  • Volume Controls – Fine tune the volume beyond the system volume slider with precise increments.
  • Extra Settings – Additional tweaks like changing long-press actions and auto full-screen.

What’s New in Youtube Vanced 18.32.39

The Vanced team frequently rolls out new versions with bug fixes, improvements, and features. Here are some of the notable changes in Vanced 18.32.39:

  • Updated to match the official YouTube app version 18.32.39. This keeps Vanced in sync with the stock app.
  • Fixed crash when tapping the Vanced Manager notification.
  • Added option to disable video end screens. No more annoying suggested videos showing up before you’re done!
  • Fixed bug with account switcher not working properly. Easily switch between multiple Google accounts now.
  • Added ability to loop videos and playlists. Keep your favorite music video or playlist going on repeat.
  • Improved reliability of background play. Videos should keep playing more consistently now.
  • Added Settings icon to bottom bar for easier access. Quickly get to preferences without going to account menu.

While not a major update, Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 provides nice quality-of-life improvements and ensures compatibility with the latest YouTube release.

How to Install Youtube Vanced 18.32.39

As Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 is not available on the Google Play Store, the installation process is a bit more involved than a standard app. Here are the steps to get the latest Vanced version 18.32.39 installed:


  • Android 5.0+
  • Vanced MicroG (for logging in)


  1. Download Vanced Manager APK from the official Vanced website. This app will install and update Vanced.
  2. Enable “Install from unknown sources” in Android settings if not already enabled. This allows installing apps outside the Play Store.
  3. Open the downloaded Vanced Manager APK and install it.
  4. Open Vanced Manager, go to the Apps tab, then Install Vanced MicroG. This allows logging into your Google account.
  5. Once MicroG is installed, go back to Apps and Install Vanced. Select your preferred variation between Standard and Music.
  6. YouTube Vanced will now be installed. You can access it like any other app.
  7. Sign into your Google account using MicroG to sync data between Vanced and regular YouTube.

That’s all there is to it! Vanced Manager will also handle automatically updating Vanced to the latest versions in the background.

Why People Love Youtube Vanced

There are several reasons Vanced has become so popular among Android users who want a better YouTube experience:

  • No ads – The primary appeal of Vanced is enjoying uninterrupted videos without pesky ads. Especially helpful for music listening or watching lengthy tutorials.
  • Background play – Being able to minimize YouTube videos and have audio continue playing is a handy feature missing from the stock YouTube app.
  • Lightweight – Vanced has very little impact on performance or battery life compared to the stock YouTube app.
  • Extra features – Small but useful additions like pip mode, volume controls, color tweaks improve overall usability.
  • Familiar interface – The interface is nearly identical to the regular YouTube app, so Vanced doesn’t require relearning anything.
  • Active development – The Vanced team keeps releasing improvements and new features with frequent updates.
  • Free – As an open source community project, Vanced is totally free with no paid tiers whatsoever.

For people who use YouTube frequently, Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 delivers a significantly improved user experience without changing how YouTube fundamentally works.

Is Youtube Vanced Safe to Use?

A common concern with installing modified APKs is whether they are safe and trustworthy. Here are a few key points about Vanced’s safety:

  • Vanced is open source, so its code can be audited by anyone. No shady behavior found.
  • No intrusive permissions required compared to the regular YouTube app.
  • No history of malware or viruses reported. Used by millions without issue.
  • Doesn’t require root or compromise your device. Just a standard app.
  • Actively maintained and updated by developers to fix bugs.
  • All core functionality works without logging into your Google account.

Of course, be sure to only download Vanced from the official source at for safety. But users generally report Vanced being trustworthy and safe to use. Just be cautious installing APKs outside of official app stores.

The Bottom Line on Youtube Vanced

For Android users who watch a lot of Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 delivers an ad-free, distraction-free viewing experience that makes consuming video content much more enjoyable. The latest update Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 brings nice fixes and improvements that continue making Vanced one of the best YouTube clients available.

While it takes a bit more effort to install than a Play Store app, Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 is a powerful free tool for getting the most out of YouTube. If you watch many videos everyday, the benefits easily outweigh the minor hassle of the setup process. Overall Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 is certainly worth trying out if you want a superior ad-free YouTube client for Android.

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