Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 – A Powerful Modded YouTube App

YouTube Vanced 18.32.39 is the latest version of the popular modded YouTube app known as Vanced. Vanced has gained immense popularity among Android users as it provides an ad-free YouTube experience and several other features. The youtube vanced 18.32.39 version brings some bug fixes and improvements over the previous releases.

YouTube Vanced 18.32.39 allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted YouTube experience without ads. It blocks all the video ads, banner ads, suggested video ads, etc. This improves the YouTube experience, as you don’t have to wait for ads to finish before your video starts playing.

In addition to removing ads, YouTube vanced 18.32.39 also comes with several customization options and extra features that the stock YouTube app lacks. Some of the key features of vanced youtube 18.32.39 include:

  • Background playback – This allows you to minimize the app and continue listening to music or videos in the background. Regular YouTube does not have this feature.
  • Video resolution toggles – You can easily switch between video qualities from the player.
  • Custom themes – Vanced provides multiple themes to choose from to customize the look and feel of the app.
  • Video seek bar ticks – Seek exactly the part of the video you want using the tick marks on the seek bar.
  • Swipe controls – Swipe left or right on the video to rewind or forward 10 seconds.
  • Hide shorts shelf – Remove the annoying Shorts shelf from your feed.
  • Sponsors block – Automatically skip in-video sponsor segments and intros.
  • Return YouTube Dislike – Bring back the YouTube dislike count, which was removed from YouTube.

YouTube vanced 18.32.39** APK can be installed on the majority of Android smartphones with Android 5.0 or later
. It is available in two variants – a Root version that requires root access and a Non-Root version. The Non-Root version offers all the features without requiring root.

YouTube vanced 18.32.39 is not officially available on the Google Play Store and needs to be downloaded from their site – Downloading the APK only from the official Vanced site is always recommended to avoid malware.

The installation process is quite simple – download the APK and enable your Android device’s Unknown Sources, install the APK, and open Vanced. You may need to uninstall any existing YouTube updates from your phone before installing Vanced.

For those looking to install vanced youtube 18.32.39 on PC, an Android emulator like BlueStacks is recommended. Download and install BlueStacks, then get the Vanced APK and install it like on an Android smartphone. This allows you to enjoy the advantages of Vanced on a bigger screen.

The Vanced team keeps releasing new updates and bug fixes frequently. The YouTube vanced 18.32.39 release primarily focuses on stability improvements and bug fixes over the previous version. No significant new features have been added.

Youtube Vanced 18.32.39 Some Step

Some of the changes in YouTube vanced 18.32.39 as per the official changelog are:

  • Fixed video getting stuck at 301+ error
  • Fixed some videos crashing the app
  • Fixed video quality selector not working properly
  • Added option to turn off video end cards
  • General bug fixes and improvements

If you were facing issues in the previous Vanced releases, upgrading to youtube vanced 18.32.39 might fix those. No critical bugs have been reported with this latest version yet.

YouTube vanced 18.32.39 provides the same performance and stability as the original YouTube app, if not better. The additional features make it a must-have application for any YouTube fan. With no ads and background play capability, it enhances the video streaming experience on Android.

Vanced is constantly gaining more popularity worldwide. It now has over 10 million active installs. The Vanced team keeps adding new features as per users’ demand. No other modded YouTube app comes close to offering the level of customization that Vanced does.

However, since it is not an official Google product, some risks are involved in using modded apps. Vanced may stop working anytime if YouTube decides to block it. However, the developers actively maintain the project and find workarounds quickly whenever YouTube changes.

Bottom Line

Overall, youtube advanced 18.32.39 is a great mod that takes the YouTube experience to the next level on Android. If you wish to enjoy ad-free YouTube with extra features, Vanced is highly recommended. Just download the APK from official sources and install it correctly. The app keeps getting better with new updates from the team. So go ahead and try the latest YouTube vanced 18.32.39 version today for the best YouTube experience on mobile!

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