YouTube Vanced 19.03.35: The Latest Ad-Free YouTube Experience

YouTube Vanced 19.03.35 is a popular modded version of the YouTube app that blocks ads, allows background play and has other useful features. As of February 2024, the latest version is YouTube Vanced 19.03.35. This article will provide an overview of YouTube Vanced 19.03.35 and what’s new in this release.

Overview of YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is an altered version of the YouTube app for Android that was developed by a community of developers. It has gained popularity among Android users who want an ad-free YouTube experience and other useful features not found in the official YouTube app.

Some key features of YouTube Vanced include:

  • No ads: Videos play without any ads interrupting
  • Background play: Videos can play even with the app in the background or the phone screen off
  • Video resolutions: Play videos in the highest quality resolution, like 4K
  • Minimize to picture-in-picture: Minimize video to the small floating window while using other apps
  • Theme options: Customize the app with different colour themes
  • Volume keys control: Use volume keys to control brightness

YouTube Vanced provides all core functionalities of the YouTube app and retains the same user interface. It simply adds and unlocks extra useful features.

YouTube Vanced 19.03.35
Version Number19.03.35
Release DateFebruary 2023
Key Features– Return of dislike counts<br>- More language support<br>- Improved recommendations <br>- Faster performance
Bugs FixedYes
Installation Method– Download Vanced Manager<br>- Install YouTube Vanced from within Manager<br>- Select version 19.03.35

What’s New in YouTube Vanced 19.03.35

The YouTube Vanced 19.03.35 update brings some new features and improvements over previous versions:

Return YouTube Dislike Counts

This version of Vanced re-enables the ability to see the number of dislikes on YouTube videos. In March 2022, YouTube removed public dislike counts across the platform. However, Vanced has brought back this metric by incorporating a workaround using the Return YouTube Dislike API.

New Video Languages

YouTube Vanced has added more video languages, including Amharic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Dari, Filipino, Javanese, Khmer, Lao, Latvian, Maori, Nepali, Pashto, Punjabi, Samoan, Sindhi, Sinhala, Somali, Tamil, Thai, and many more. This allows users to watch videos and read descriptions in more languages.

Improved Video Recommendations

The recommendation algorithm has been improved to provide better video suggestions based on watch history and interests. This results in more relevant videos on the home page and Up Next recommendations.

Faster Server Connections

Server connectivity has been upgraded with faster and more stable connections. This delivers quicker-loading videos and live streams with minimal buffering.

Bug Fixes

As expected with any app update, YouTube Vanced 19.03.35 also includes under-the-hood bug fixes and performance improvements. Some users reported bugs from previous versions, which have been addressed.

Installing YouTube Vanced 19.03.35

Since YouTube Vanced is an unofficial mod, it is unavailable on the Google Play Store. But installing it on your Android device is easy:

Step 1) Go to and download the Vanced Manager APK. This manager app will install Vanced.

Step 2) Open the downloaded APK file and install Vanced Manager. Grant all the required permissions.

Step 3) Open Vanced Manager, go to the Home tab, and select YouTube Vanced. Tap on Install.

Step 4) Select your preferred version. The recommended stable build is YouTube Vanced 19.03.35. Tap on Install.

Step 5) Once installed, The Vanced YouTube app icon will appear on the home screen. Sign in with your Google account to start using it.

You can also optionally install Vanced MicroG, which allows you to log in to your Google account. Follow the same steps to install it from the Vanced Manager app.

And that’s it! The latest YouTube Vanced 19.03.35 with all the mod features is ready to enjoy on your Android device. The installation process is quick and easy.


YouTube Vanced continues to evolve, with each update bringing new improvements and fixes. The latest, 19.03.35, brings back much-requested features like dislike counts and other enhancements. It provides the optimal ad-free YouTube viewing experience on Android, and the developers actively maintain the project.

With regular updates and innovation, YouTube Vanced has become a go-to modded YouTube client for many. As the official YouTube app becomes more restrictive, Vanced delivers much-desired flexibility and customizations. It unlocks the full potential of YouTube without any annoyances.

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