What is YouTube Vanced? How Download Apk v19.04.39

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app for Android devices. It provides all the features of the original YouTube app along with some additional features and customization options not available in the official version.

Some of the key features of YouTube Vanced include:

  • Built-in ad blocking: Vanced blocks all video ads, banner ads, suggested ads, etc. This allows for an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Background play: Videos can be played with the screen turned off or while using other apps. Regular YouTube restricts background play to paid Premium accounts.
  • Video playback controls: Additional options like playback speed control, video looping, etc.
  • Dark theme: System-wide dark mode support for a cleaner look.
  • Custom themes and colors: Vanced provides more theming options beyond what regular YouTube offers.
  • Additional features: Comes with sponsorblock to skip in-video promotions and intros. Also supports pinch to zoom on videos.

So in essence, Vanced unlocks many premium features of YouTube for free and gives users more control over the app’s appearance and functionality. It’s an excellent mod for those seeking an ad-free and feature-rich YouTube experience on Android.

Is YouTube Vanced legal?

The legality of YouTube Vanced is debatable. Here are some key points on this issue:

  • Vanced is not an officially approved or endorsed YouTube product. It is an independently developed third-party mod.
  • It does violate YouTube’s terms of service by blocking ads and unlocking paid features for free. This makes it technically illegal.
  • However, it simply modifies the app locally on a user’s device and does not access YouTube’s servers directly in any way.
  • Vanced developers do not actually decompile or steal any code. They only make superficial UI tweaks and enable dormant native features in the app.
  • Users are not hacking into YouTube or stealing any content by using Vanced. They are simply enhancing their own viewing experience.
  • No money or copyrighted content is being stolen from YouTube. The only “loss” is potential ad revenue.

So while Google can argue Vanced is illegal due to TOS violations, there is no actual theft or piracy involved. Users are simply exercising more control over an app running on their own smartphones. The legal status remains unclear and in the grey area.

Is YouTube Vanced safe to use?

Safety is another common concern around modded or unofficial apps like Vanced. Here are some key points on this:

  • Reputable platform: Vanced is hosted on a well-known site (vancedapp.com) and has been around for years. Many users worldwide use it without issue.
  • No shady app permissions: Vanced does not ask for unnecessary permissions beyond what regular YouTube needs. It is unable to access private data.
  • Open source: The Vanced codebase is open source allowing transparency into how it works. Security experts can inspect it for potential issues.
  • No piracy: Unlike some illicit modded apps, Vanced does not allow video downloads or content theft.
  • ** Minimal risk:** Being a client-side modification, the worst it might do is crash your YouTube app. It cannot access or steal your personal data.
  • Actively maintained: The Vanced team is still actively updating the app to fix bugs and maintain features against YouTube changes. This enhances its reliability.

So while no software is 100% foolproof, Vanced does not appear to pose any imminent security risks based on its development, permissions, and user track record. Proper precautions like downloading from trusted sources can help minimize any potential issues.

How to get and install YouTube Vanced

Here is a step-by-step guide to start using Vanced on your Android device:

  • Check compatibility: Ensure your Android version (5.0+) is supported and you have enough storage space.
  • Download Vanced Manager: Get the Vanced Manager app from the vancedapp.com website. This will install and update Vanced.
  • Install Vanced: Open the Manager app and select YouTube Vanced. Tap install and grant the permissions when prompted.
  • Initial launch: Launch Vanced for the first time. It will look and function just like the regular YouTube app.
  • Tweak settings: Open Vanced Settings to toggle on ad blocking, background play, and any other features as per your preferences.
  • Add account: Sign into your Google account if you want access to subscriptions, watch history etc. Vanced will work even without being signed in.

That’s it! Vanced is ready to use now. The install process is quick and hassle-free. Update the app periodically via the Vanced Manager to maintain the latest features and fixes.

Why people love YouTube Vanced

Here are some of the top reasons why YouTube Vanced has become so popular among Android users:

  • Ad-free experience: The biggest appeal is enjoying YouTube completely free from ads. This allows uninterrupted viewing.
  • Money saver: No need to pay for a Premium subscription just to remove ads or play videos in the background. Vanced unlocks these features for free.
  • Customizable: Additional options like theming and gestures make the app more personalized to user preferences.
  • Enhanced functionality: Features like speed controls, video downloading, intro skipping make watching YouTube more convenient.
  • Smoother experience: With no ads hogging resources, Vanced feels snappier and lighter especially on low-end devices.
  • Privacy: Blocking video suggestions and tracking can be desirable for privacy-conscious users.

For the price of $0, Vanced provides an excellent ad-free YouTube experience and puts the user in control. The ability to customize both form and function of the app drives much of its popularity with Android users.


YouTube Vanced delivers an ad-free, feature-packed YouTube experience on Android. While its legal status remains ambiguous, safety risks appear minimal if the appropriate precautions are taken during install. Vanced unlocks many useful capabilities without any financial costs to the user. Anyone seeking to take their YouTube experience to the next level can benefit from this excellent mod.

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