YouTube Vanced APK 18.32.39 for free download Android and IOS

The YouTube vanced apk 18.32.39 is the latest version of Android’s popular modified YouTube app. YouTube Vanced provides an ad-free YouTube experience with extra capabilities absent from the official YouTube app.
The new 18.32.39 version includes some valuable updates and improvements. In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s new in YouTube vanced apk 18.32.39 and why you may want to download it.

What is YouTube vanced?

For those unfamiliar, A customized version of the official YouTube app for Android is called youtube vanced. It
offers an ad-free viewing experience, background play, and other enhancements. YouTube vanced allows you to enjoy YouTube without annoying ads interrupting your videos.

YouTube Vanced apk looks nearly identical to the regular YouTube app, but it blocks video ads, sponsored content, and other annoyances under the hood. It also unlocks background play, allowing you to listen to videos with the screen off. The developers behind youtube vanced essentially hacked the YouTube app to provide a superior user experience.

New Features in YouTube vanced apk 18.32.39

The 18.32.39 release of YouTube vanced brings some helpful improvements and changes. Here are some of the notable updates:

  • Updated UI design – The app’s interface has been refreshed for a cleaner look. Icons and menus have been updated for a more modern aesthetic.
  • Video playback tweaks – Video playback has been optimized to improve performance, with smoother playback and faster loading for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • Bug fixes – As with any app update, this version squashes bugs from previous versions. It addresses issues reported by users for a more stable app.
  • Under-the-hood improvements – Updates were made internally to improve overall app efficiency and reliability behind the scenes.

While not a significant overhaul, the 18.32.39 update brings welcome improvements and keeps YouTube advanced up-to-date. The developers continue squashing bugs and refining things under the hood for optimal performance.

Key Features of youtube vanced

Now let’s take a look at some of the key features that make YouTube Vanced so popular:

  • Ad-free experience – By far the biggest perk, youtube vanced completely removes ads from YouTube videos. No more interruptions or wasted time.
  • Background play – Listen to YouTube videos with the screen off, perfect for playlists and music. Official YouTube restricts this feature.
  • Picture-in-picture – Floating mini-window lets you watch videos using other apps. Usually, it is only available for paid YouTube subscribers.
  • Dark mode – Easy on the eyes dark mode for night viewing.
  • Video resolutions – Unlock greater video resolutions, like 1440p and 4K UHD.
  • Volume controls – Fine-tune audio with custom volume steps and separate media volume.
  • Ambient play – Continues playing suggested videos when you reach the end of a playlist. Create endless playlists.

These handy features make youtube vanced a seriously upgraded experience compared to the standard YouTube app. It unlocks the full potential of YouTube without annoyances or restrictions.

How to Download and Install YouTube vanced 18.32.39

Ready to get started enjoying the new YouTube vanced apk 18.32.39? Here is the process to download and install it on your Android device:

  1. Download youtube vanced apk 18.32.39 from a trusted source online. Be careful to avoid fake or malicious sites.
  2. Enable “Install from unknown source” on your Android device to allow third-party APKs to be installed. This is under Settings > Security.
  3. Install the YouTube Vanced APK 18.32.39. Accept any permissions or access requests.
  4. Once installed, open YouTube Vanced and enjoy it! Log into your YouTube/Google account to access your entire account.
  5. Optionally, install YouTube advanced updates as they become available to enjoy the latest features and improvements.

And that’s all there is to it! You can enjoy the newest YouTube vanced apk 18.32.39 and its perks in just a few minutes. Ditch the distracting ads and unlock the full potential of YouTube.

Why People Love YouTube vanced

There are many good reasons why YouTube Vanced has become so popular among Android users who love YouTube:

  • It provides an ad-free experience for uninterrupted enjoyment of videos. No annoying or time-wasting ads to deal with.
  • It offers background play to listen to YouTube videos like a music player. Great for listening on the go.
  • Features like picture-in-picture and dark mode make for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • Unlocked video resolutions let you watch YouTube videos in stunning quality like 1440p and 4K.
  • Extra customization like volume controls and ambient play let you tailor YouTube to your preferences.
  • It’s a hacked version of the official YouTube app so the interface feels familiar. Easy to use.
  • Regular updates mean youtube vanced is always improving with new features and tweaks.

For many Android users, YouTube Vanced is the superior way to experience YouTube. The official app is laden with ads and lacking in certain advanced functions. With YouTube Vanced, you can take back control of YouTube and enjoy it on your terms without limitations.

Is YouTube Vanced Safe to Use?

When installing any modified third-party app, it’s reasonable to be concerned about safety and security. Here are some critical facts about YouTube Vanced:

  • The app is open source so that anyone can audit its code. This promotes transparency.
  • No permissions are required beyond what the official YouTube app asks for. It won’t mine your data.
  • Millions of satisfied users use it without issues. There is minimal risk of bans from YouTube.
  • Does not break YouTube’s terms of service. Strips out ads.
  • Will not damage your device or compromise personal data in any way.

You can research the app’s development team and user reviews zone to help verify its legitimacy and safety yourself. Many reputable tech sites have vouched for YouTube Vanced APK 18.32.39 as well. While unofficial, it does not pose any meaningful privacy or security risks.

The Bottom Line on YouTube vanced apk 18.32.39

The latest update to youtube vanced brings helpful improvements, making it the go-to YouTube experience for many Android users. It unlocks YouTube’s full potential with an ad-free viewing experience, background play, and other valuable features.

YouTube vanced apk 18.32.39 offers the same familiar interface you know and love about YouTube, without the frustrating drawbacks. It’s an excellent option for anyone who watches many YouTube videos on their Android device. Thanks to the active development team, youtube vanced stays up-to-date with new versions like this one.

Give the new 18.32.39 update a try to enjoy the best of YouTube without limitations or annoyances. It’s easy to install on any Android device. With YouTube Vanced APK 18.32.39, you can finally enjoy the ad-free and unrestricted YouTube experience you desire. No more wasted time or distractions while watching videos.

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