YouTube Vanced APK Download for Android and IOS Devices

YouTube Vanced apk has become one of the most popular modified versions of the YouTube app for Android devices. You can use an advertisement-free YouTube experience and access many additional features unavailable on the official YouTube app. This article will discuss YouTube Vanced and its features and provide a step-by-step guide on downloading and installing the latest version of YouTube Vanced APK on your Android and IOS device.

What is the YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced apk is a modified version of the original YouTube app developed by a third party. It includes all the official YouTube app’s core features and additional benefits. The main advantage of using YouTube Vanced is that it blocks all ads on YouTube, so you can enjoy uninterrupted video watching without any annoying ads.

In addition to removing ads, YouTube Vanced also unlocks many other premium features of YouTube for free. For example, with YouTube Vanced, you can play videos in the background, enable video download, auto-repeat videos, pinch to zoom videos to fit the screen, and much more.

Overall, if you want to use YouTube ad-free and access its premium features without paying, YouTube Vanced apk is one of the best-modded apps available for Android devices.

Features of YouTube Vanced apk

Here are some of the key features that make YouTube Vanced better than the original YouTube app:

  • No ads – Enjoy an ad-free YouTube video-watching experience. All video ads, banner ads, and suggested ads are entirely blocked.
  • Background play – Play YouTube videos in the background while doing other tasks or switching apps.
  • Video download – Download videos and music from YouTube easily.
  • Dark theme – Switch to sleek dark to protect your eyes.
  • Pinch to zoom – Zoom in and out of videos for the perfect view.
  • Auto-repeat – Set videos to repeat or loop automatically.
  • Video formats – Select video quality format up to 4K UHD.
  • Minimize videos – Minimize videos for multi-tasking while audio continues.
  • Volume keys control – Use volume keys to control brightness.
  • Advanced settings – Additional tweaks for autoplay, long press, etc.
  • Cast to TV – Cast YouTube videos to smart TVs or other devices.
  • No root required – YouTube Vanced works without rooting your Android device.

How do you download and install YouTube Vanced?

Downloading YouTube Vanced is simple and does not require root access. Follow these steps to get YouTube Vanced on your Android device:

1. Download Vanced Manager

  • Go to the official Vanced website on your Android browser.
  • Scroll down and download the Vanced Manager APK. This will help install YouTube Vanced.

2. Enable Unknown Sources

  • Open Settings > Safety & Security on your Android device.
  • Enable the option for “Install apps from external sources”. This will permit the installation of third-party apps.

3. Install Vanced Manager

  • Open the downloaded Vanced Manager APK file.
  • Accept requested permissions when prompted.
  • The Vanced Manager app will be installed on your device.

4. Update Vanced Manager

  • Open the Vanced Manager app. It will check for updates automatically.
  • Download any available updates for the manager app. This will ensure you get the latest Vanced version.

5. Download YouTube Vanced

  • Inside the Vanced Manager, select YouTube from the apps list.
  • Select the variant you want – YouTube Vanced or YouTube Music Vanced.
  • Tap on Download to get the selected YouTube Vanced APK.

6. Install YouTube Vanced

  • Once the download is complete, open the YouTube Vanced APK file.
  • Accept the requested app permissions to proceed.
  • YouTube Vanced will be installed on your Android device.

That’s it! The latest version of YouTube Vanced is ready to enjoy freely on your Android tablet or smartphone. You can begin watching using the app now.
Ad-free videos with background play, downloading, and other premium features enabled. Keep the Vanced Manager app to update YouTube Vanced whenever a new version is available easily.

Troubleshooting YouTube Vanced

Here are some standard troubleshooting tips for YouTube Vanced:

  • Ensure you have downloaded Vanced Manager and YouTube Vanced APK from the official website only. Other sources could cause issues.
  • YouTube Vanced requires Android 5.0+ to work correctly. It will only work on some older Android versions.
  • Make sure you have enabled the “Unknown Sources” option in Android settings to allow installing third-party APKs.
  • If YouTube Vanced crashes on launch, go to Android settings and precise data for the Vanced app. Then, re-open the app.
  • Check that you have installed the MicroG add-on for Vanced to work correctly with Google services.
  • Install the SAI (Split APKs Installer) add-on for complete video downloads in Vanced Manager.
  • If updates are unavailable, go to Vanced Manager > Settings to change the update channel.
  • Uninstall any previous YouTube Vanced versions before installing the new update for best results.
  • For any other issues, visit the Vanced support website at for troubleshooting guides.


YouTube Vanced apk offers the complete YouTube experience without ads for free. It unlocks many additional handy features not available on the stock YouTube app. With customizable options, regular updates, and no root required, YouTube Vanced is a must-have app for Android users who watch many YouTube videos.

Downloading and installing YouTube Vanced apk is quick and straightforward using the Vanced Manager app. Pay close attention to the installation instructions.
The app may only work if the correct procedure is followed. For the best ad-free viewing experience, always keep YouTube Vanced updated with the latest version. Visit YouTube Vanced Download to get started and enjoy YouTube’s full potential without spending money!

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